spiral binding

Spiral / Wire-O binding is the most popular binding solution for businesses who need to create professional-quality books. They offer a clean and high-class appeal, and can also lay flat and the sheets can flip a full 360º. The main difference between spiral and wire-o binding is the look and capabilities of the booklet. 

Spiral binding is the process of binding pages together with a plastic coil that is inserted into holes along the edges of the page. It may not look as professional as wire-o binding, but it can be a lot more durable. Spiral binding t is a perfect method for cookbooks, manuals, catalogs and booklets. 

Wire-O binding is formed by punching holes into the sheets then lacing a wire comb. Wire-O binding gives a much more professional look than spiral binding and is generally used in formal presentations and professional settings, however, it has a lower page count limit than spiral binding.